About G2G.

We understand the digital world and continuously respond to the needs of our customers. We work with our clients to achieve groundbreaking results through our driven approach and passion for the profession. We manage and develop an international network of internet sites that focus on the sale of consumer goods. To that end, we aim to guide the consumer from product orientation to purchase. We like to set the bar high. We dare to dream, but also to do.


Websites that we manage

A fast and user-friendly website ensures a positive user experience and increases sale conversion.


Cups of coffee per year

Getting up in the morning is always tough. We keep our employees properly-fueled throughout the day–a strong cup of coffee will not just help you get through the day, it will also help you live longer!


Prospects reached

With the ever-increasing flow of information, we know today’s consumers want timely and accurate service. We reach over 2 million prospective consumers and use that exposure to optimise the sales process at every step.

Lead generation.

Focused campaigns and well-built websites are key to generating superior leads. Getting relevant information to the consumer at every phase of the buying process ensures a favorable result for all stakeholders.

Customer behaviour insights.

Amazon and Netflix know exactly what their customers want to buy or see tomorrow, but more insight into consumer behaviour is not only reserved for the greats of the earth. We pride ourselves in our ability to make our customers more data-driven. As a full service online marketing agency, we provide insight into the consequences and results of every decision. We store all information in a data warehouse, giving us access to high-quality data that can in turn be used to optimise the customer journey.