Get to know G2G.

We hire people that we believe have the knowledge to take our company to the next level. We expect you to tell us what needs to be done in your expertise to make us all successful. We embrace your different view on matters and we give you the freedom to create and develop your own ideas.

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Join us and you won’t regret it.


Why join?

Our focus is international with lots of potential and opportunities. Last year we generated a profit of 100 million euros with our partner’s online activities. We believe in working with the best employees and with the best tools. We invest in the latest tools, techniques and seminars to ensure our knowledge and tools are up to date. For example the investment in our very own, much advanced data warehouse.

Meet your co-workers.

We manage a lot of different websites in different countries. In order to achieve this we need to work as a dedicated team. Your co-workers will be online marketers, web developers, designers, programmers, data analysts and CRO specialists. Every Friday, we have tem drinks.


Bright ideas? Keep them coming!

Our company is completely data driven. We provide insights of all campaigns, in every aspect. We can predict results and market response. This allows us to easily try out new ideas. We welcome any idea from anyone.

Our workspace.

As said before we are a dedicated and close team, in an atmosphere to ask advice of a colleague. At G2G we operate alongside each other as a team.