Campagne management

Campaign management to get to most out of customer contact.

Today’s consumer behaviour has changed quite a bit over the years: orientation process and buying behaviour is constantly subject to change. At G2G, we stay on top of those changing environments, using the latest tools and experience to develop multi-channel campaigns that also factor in user behaviour from site visitors.

Experts in online media channels.

Our international clients invest in online marketing to generate growth. Our online marketers have in-depth knowledge of Google and Facebook, but also have partnerships with affiliate networks and email marketing tools. By optimizing design and communication we maximize the campaign impact, including the psychological know-how of Kahneman and Cialdini!

Campagne management


"Our clients are ambitious and require more leads at lower cost. It is our job to create the right traffic to each website. The customer journey and determining conversion attribution are key in this process. We are not afraid of challenging targets, it provides us the right energy."

The importance of data.

The variety of data allows us to understand the consumer and approach the customer in a personal way, with relevant ads and dynamic content on the landing page tailored for each visitor. Every day we optimise campaigns, combining customer data with content. We are responsible for the success of our client and we love it!



Web development.

We develop e-commerce solutions for a large, international website network, always with the goal to generate high-quality leads for our clients.

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Not an occasional A/B test, but purposeful and consistent optimization of campaigns, media and websites. CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) is a true trade; creating insights in customer behaviour and optimizing the journey from first visit to final purchase.

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Online marketing.

In our online marketing efforts, we combine the power of various online channels to increase exposure. Email marketing, digital advertising, and social media campaigning are used to illuminate buyers’ intentions. This is of course done all in-house.

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Marketing intelligence.

What is the buying process and what information is the consumer looking for? Marketing intelligence is our basis for continuous improvement.

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Campagne management.

Campaign execution is also data-driven. Multi-channel campaign management is efficiently organized through the use of data. We analyse at lead and analyse the points of “micro-conversion” in their journey.

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One of our most important projects is the data warehouse: combining pieces of data into one structure. This allows us to create dashboards, run complex analyses, improve the media mix, and track customer behaviour.

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