Web development

E-commerce solutions that Google loves.

Our web development team creates websites and e-commerce solutions for more than 10 countries. The websites are built using the latest design techniques and computing, with special focus on creating a user-friendly interface through modern and functional form. In short: we build websites that Google likes to reward with high rankings.

Highly-qualified staff.

We not only achieve our results by investing in tools and techniques: it’s our people that make the difference! Our front- and back-end web developers ensure that all sites function optimally. Our programmers develop databases, linking these systems to develop reports and dashboards for the commercial teams.

Backend developer


“G2G is not afraid to lead the way, and that’s what attracts me as a developer. Inquisitiveness is rewarded, allowing us to experiment with innovative software packages and tools. At G2G, I can think outside the box and try new things.”

Data to manage the business.

The people we employ are happy to work with our in-house data warehouse. This enables them to work in a data-driven manner and to continuously steer off key metrics. With our diverse customer market, we adjust our websites to local preferences to improve our conversion ratios.



Web development.

We develop e-commerce solutions for a large, international website network, always with the goal to generate high-quality leads for our clients.

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Cro Icon


Not an occasional A/B test, but purposeful and consistent optimization of campaigns, media and websites. CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) is a true trade; creating insights in customer behaviour and optimizing the journey from first visit to final purchase.

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Online marketing.

In our online marketing efforts, we combine the power of various online channels to increase exposure. Email marketing, digital advertising, and social media campaigning are used to illuminate buyers’ intentions. This is of course done all in-house.

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Marketing intelligence.

What is the buying process and what information is the consumer looking for? Marketing intelligence is our basis for continuous improvement.

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Campagne management.

Campaign execution is also data-driven. Multi-channel campaign management is efficiently organized through the use of data. We analyse at lead and analyse the points of “micro-conversion” in their journey.

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Data Warehouse Icon


One of our most important projects is the data warehouse: combining pieces of data into one structure. This allows us to create dashboards, run complex analyses, improve the media mix, and track customer behaviour.

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