Marketing Intelligence

Marketing intelligence for smart, concrete insights.

What products do our clients buy? What factors influence their purchasing decision? What was the actual influence of a specific marketing campaign? Data is key but you have to translate it into information and knowledge: we call that G2G Marketing Intelligence. With that information we improve websites, saving cost, and increasing profits for our clients.

From customer behaviour to insight and strategy.

We create insights based on data. G2G analyses consumer purchasing behaviour and decision-making at every step of the customer journey to better predict their needs in the future. Our reporting provides clear insights and statistics, and forms the basis for new marketing campaigns and strategy.

Data analist


"As Business Data Analyst at G2G I have the ability to translate data into valuable information. We have an incredible amount of customer data which makes it really challenging and interesting. Creating and managing the best content for the each individual prospect – that’s our goal”

Marketing Intelligence & Business Intelligence.

The G2G team consists of creative online marketeers with extensive analytic capabilities and prove experience in developing smart solutions. Marketing Intelligence and Business Intelligence are closely connected within G2G.



Web development.

We develop e-commerce solutions for a large, international website network, always with the goal to generate high-quality leads for our clients.

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Not an occasional A/B test, but purposeful and consistent optimization of campaigns, media and websites. CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) is a true trade; creating insights in customer behaviour and optimizing the journey from first visit to final purchase.

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Online marketing.

In our online marketing efforts, we combine the power of various online channels to increase exposure. Email marketing, digital advertising, and social media campaigning are used to illuminate buyers’ intentions. This is of course done all in-house.

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Marketing intelligence.

What is the buying process and what information is the consumer looking for? Marketing intelligence is our basis for continuous improvement.

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Campagne management.

Campaign execution is also data-driven. Multi-channel campaign management is efficiently organized through the use of data. We analyse at lead and analyse the points of “micro-conversion” in their journey.

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One of our most important projects is the data warehouse: combining pieces of data into one structure. This allows us to create dashboards, run complex analyses, improve the media mix, and track customer behaviour. .

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